I will be showing my 'Tea Party original and selling prints, at TERRAIN 14. This Oct 5th.& 6th. 314 W. Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA

Mood Swings

I just opened up a third artist outlet in 30 days....phew!.....This is a little different. It's in a huge vintage shop, with many weird and wonderful things in it. I thought I'd show my old style of oil paintings, and my new style of pencil art together. It's an odd match. To be sure. I should give it a title.....I'm thinking 'Mood Swings'. 

It's also a rare way to see my old style. It's a closed series and I usually don't let it see the light of day.

'Vibe' - 1801 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99202

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