My next live show will be at Art Under the Elms, Lewiston, ID 19-21 April. I hope to see you there!

and my most popular print is.......

The number one selling print at my last two shows has been:
'A Conspiracy of Ravens' (Anicurio #35). It's hard to predict what will and what won't resonate with people. But it's always nice when an unexpected piece strikes a chord with buyers. I say 'unexpected' because it's a bit of a departure from the usual Victorian era works that I like doing. 

Original and prints available:


  • Hi Keith. It was a pleasure speaking with you today. My favorites are A Conspiracy of Ravens as well; followed by A Murder of Crows! Love it!
    Good luck with your shows!

  • I saw your work in Puyallup and the crows were my first favorite today as well. It just reminded me of photos we took in Europe this fall of people sitting on the benches. I really loved all your collection!


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