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'Anicurio' or 'Animorphia'?

I recently changed the name of my 'Animorphia' collection of Victorian style pencil art, to 'Anicurio'. This is going to lead to a bit of head scratching for some people for a while. I apologize. 

The fact is, 'Animorphia' was a liitle to common on the internet. It cropped up in various siimilar forms on different peoples websites. Animorphia this and Animorphia that. I wanted a name that was completely unused before. And so, after what seemed like forever, trying every variation of terms starting with 'Ani' and finding them all already claimed, I came upon 'Anicurio.'. 'Ani' as in animal, and 'curio' as in curiosity'....get it?  I hope you do. It took me ages to come up with. So I trademarked it. 

It will be a slow roll out. There will be lots of prints that still say 'Animorphia', but over time it will phase out.


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