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Gallery news: 'The Art Spirit Gallery'

I 'm very happy to announce that I met with 'The Art Spirit Gallery' in beautiful, downtown Coure d'Alene, ID. They wish to show my work at their gallery. They will also be promoting me as an artist in other curated locations in the region too. In my opinion, this is the best gallery in the region. Their art is contemporary, challenging and very exciting. I'm thrilled to be working with Blair (owner) and her manager Kylie. They are both lovely people and genuinly care about helping me as an artist. Blair shared with me that she likes the originality of the work, and feels no one's doing what I'm doing. And they loved it. They took my entire 'Animorphia Collection' (The Victorian style, animal pencil art series). this is the art they will be hanging at the gallery. I don't have an exhibition date yet.
They will become advocates for my art and introduce me to avenues that would not normally be accessable to me. I'm every excited about having a long term relationship with this gallery. .......So cheers everyone!

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