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Making video 'speed throughs' - a pain in the @#$%

'Speed through' drawings are a popular thing on Youtube right now. It's a great learning tool for artists to be able to peer over the shoulder of other artists and see the techniques they use to arrive at their finished artwork. It's also very mesmerizing to simply watch a drawing evolve over several minutes (speeded up) and see the end result that is achieved. 

So I've started doing too, occasionally. But I have to say it is not as easy as it may seem. I have the cameras. I have the lighting. I have the editing software. I use a Sony A6000 and an iPhone. I film consecutively, so I can get two angles. but the Sony camera will heat up and switch off after 20 minutes or so. That means I have to stop, take out the SD card, download the card, hook up the iphone and download that movie too, then  reload the camera again. 

Granted, that doesn't sound like a huge hassle. But it actually is when it breaks the creative flow. A drawing can take between10-20 hours usually, so that's a lot of change overs. 

This means that the actual time to produce a new piece is effectively doubled. And of course that doesn't include the editing part. I like to put little instructive notations on my movies, and carefully select the accompanying music too. 

So it all becomes quite a production, hope you like them

You can see the fruits of my labor

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