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Why draw an elephant in a suit?

Because He Wouldn’t Fit Into His Pajamas!

Sorensen 5th Graders Select 2022 Artwork to Add to School Gallery

Coeur d’Alene, ID (June 1, 2022) – Michael Horswill, Mel McCuddin, Harold Balazs and Mary Farrell, just to name a few, have been a huge hit amongst fifth grade art collectors. This year Keith Harrop is added to the list of artists that tickle the fancy of the newly discerning art aficionados!

For 10 years now The Art Spirit Gallery has donated a piece of art to the graduating class of Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts & Humanities. “The best way to make certain our art audience remains alive, is to cultivate new collectors for the future” say owner Blair Williams.

“We begin by sending over a list of 20-50 images of works to select from. We don’t include prices as we want the students to select based on the merits of the work and the class consensus. The students then narrow it down to 5-7 pieces and visit the gallery to view the works in person.” Then the real work begins...finding consensus amongst roughly 60 5th graders, on which piece of art they want to represent their class in the school’s gallery.

“I love watching them as they get to view the works for the first time in person. Some are surprised at the size (often smaller or larger than they had imagined), or the color or technique, once they see it up close. I really enjoy watching them discuss the pieces with one another and describe their reasons for selecting the work.”

Once back in the classroom, the students vote for the piece that they wish to have as a memory of their class in their school gallery.

This year artist Keith Harrop’s rendition of an elephant in a suit, was selected. Keith was thrilled and honored by the selection and put together a video for the students describing his technique, muse and background as an artist. “Why did I draw an elephant in a suit?” Keith quips in the video. “Because he wouldn’t fit into my pajamas!” (a play on an old Groucho Marks joke).

Katie Plamer, one of the two 5th grade instructors said “this kind of interaction with artwork and artists, is what will keep the arts alive for generations to come.”

Keith had the work, video and a series of postcards showing different versions of his artwork for the students to take home sent over to the school.

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