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Anicurio #32 © (Rhino) - Pencil drawing
Anicurio #32 © (Rhino) - Pencil drawing

Anicurio #32 © (Rhino) - Pencil drawing

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A Rhino with a secret

Meet Geoffrey Balderston-Green. The time is 1907, and the place is Kenya, South Africa. Balderston-Green is sitting behind his large oak desk.
He's tapping his three-toed hoof on the sturdy wooden surface. "What to do? What to do?" he thinks to himself.

Balderston-Green had recently committed all his money, his family's money, and several of his close friends' money to a venture business.
- Importing and exporting. However, in actuality, he has no training whatsoever in this line of work. He simply read that it was an excellent business to be in. He inflated his knowledge to his family and friends by dropping strategic phrases such as 'bilateral tariffs 'or 'lending-export loop' and talking confidently about steel, tin plates, and railways. Thus, he gained their confidence and their money.

He has no idea what these terms mean, of course. For Balderston-Green
is an opportunist. Not quite a grifter. But a charlatan. He's quite willing to speculate heavily with other people's money. He belongs to the proper Gentlemen's clubs, plays golf all the way to the 19th hole with anyone he considers influential, and charms all the old ladies he meets, particularly if they are rich dowagers.

But now Balderston-Green had painted himself into a corner. He accepted the money offered to him by his venturist family and friends. And now he has to deliver. What to import and what on earth to export.....what to do? What to do?

Illustrated in the style of a vintage Edwardian or Victorian photograph. This image is part of my 'Anicurio' collection. Each original illustration is carefully hand drawn in pencil. Once finished, I hand age and treat them with various dye methods, to resemble an old dusty antique photograph. I want this series to suggest something that was rediscovered by you. An inherited artifact from a mysterious benefactor? Or perhaps revealed in a long abandoned attic, lying at the bottom of a chest. Buried beneath old dusty clothes and fading hand written notes.

Paper print (Matte finish - Signed): 8.5" X 11" - $30.00

Paper print (Matte finish - Signed): 11H" x 14W" - $49.00

The ORIGINAL: Pencil illustration on paper. Image size: 11" x 14" Frame size: 18" x 21"

Some digital prints may have a slight enhancement from the original illustration, to increase tone and color balance.

Watermark will not be printed on image

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