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Anicurio #41 (Elephant & Mouse)© - Pencil Illustration
Anicurio #41 (Elephant & Mouse)© - Pencil Illustration

Anicurio #41 (Elephant & Mouse)© - Pencil Illustration

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Humphry Balderstone meets Irene Swift.

 Every morning, come rain or shine, Humphry Balderstone would ride to Collywell Bank on the corner of a busy street in the small Scottish town of Hagley, Aberdeen.

He was the bank manager of this  modest branch. His pride of office showed in his impeccable dress sense. However, this was unfortunately compromised by his imposing frame attempting to burst forth through a last line of defense, his buttons. In an attempt to trim his natural state, he was an elephant after all; he took to riding the short commute to work on a wobbly, overly-burdened bicycle. 

Also, on a morning commute, Irene Swift, a petite town mouse, would ride her tiny bicycle to her job at the local grocery store. Both parties would converge on a narrow side street at precisely the same time every day for the last three years. They would cordially nod in passing, but never a word was spoken.

This all changed one Wednesday when Mr. Balderstone’s bicycle finally gave up. The rubber tire gave one last sigh and wheezed in surrender. The rear wheel collapsed in submission.

Instead of simply riding by, little Irene Swift stopped, and for the first time in those three years, she spoke to Humphry. Irene was momentarily flustered by his imposing stature looming over her, but she quickly recomposed herself.  She didn’t quite know what assistance she could offer, but she instinctively wanted to help him in his moment of need. And offered him the use of her modest bicycle. Mr. Balderstone was overwhelmed with her kind gesture. He, of course, could not accept, but he thanked her kindly. 

However, while pushing the broken frame to work, he had a secret smile hidden beneath his imposing trunk, which lasted for the remainder of the day.

Paper print (Matte finish - Signed): 8.5" X 11" - $30.00

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Original: Graphite and charcoal pencil on paper. 18" x 24" (image size)  with frame and matte. Total size: 24" x 30" - $1,600.00
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Illustrated in the style of a vintage Edwardian or Victorian photograph. This image is part of my 'Anicurio®' collection. Each original illustration is carefully hand drawn in pencil. Once finished, I often hand age and treat them with various dye methods, to resemble an old dusty antique photograph. I want this series to suggest something that was rediscovered by you. An inherited artifact from a mysterious benefactor? Or perhaps revealed in a long abandoned attic, lying at the bottom of a chest. Buried beneath old dusty clothes and fading hand written notes.