Tribute to a Corporate World - Oil Painting

Tribute to a Corporate World - Oil Painting

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As a former Creative Director I've spent quite a lot of time in the corporate world. Meet one of my old bosses. He was a nice enough man. An immigrant who came to the USA, and through hard work built a successful business, employing a lot of people. 

However, his family was large and he delegated key management positions to every talentless son in law/cousin of his. Which was his prerogative, but It did affect the rest of us who worked there. His family loyalty was not returned. They drained him dry

He is the mountain. The small blue people are his hangers on. . Death by Nepotism


Available as:

Original: 24" X 30" Oil on canvas. Has a floating, black frame

Canvas Giclee print (black wrap) : 24" X 30" x 3/4"

Paper print: 11" x 14" Gloss photo print. 

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