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Cary Grant - Pencil Illustration
Cary Grant - Pencil Illustration

Cary Grant - Pencil Illustration

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Cary Grant - Iconic leading man of the golden age of Hollywood.

Some digital prints may have a slight enhancement from the original illustration, to increase tone and color balance.

Available as:

ORIGINAL: Pencil on paper. 9" X 12.5"  With black, wooden frame and white double mat border  (16" x 20" total size) - $125.00
(If you prefer the original WITHOUT  the double mat border, please contact me after purchasing and I will remove it before shipping. Note: The price remains the same)

Paper print: 8" X 11" "   - $29.00 (Signed by artist)

Paper print: 11" X 15" "   - $39.00 (Signed by artist)

Watermark will not be printed on image

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All reproduction prints are scanned and printed using gallery standard, professional equipment and materials. Ensuring the highest quality.