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Anicurio #7 (Water Buffalo) - Pencil Illustration
Anicurio #7 (Water Buffalo) - Pencil Illustration

Anicurio #7 (Water Buffalo) - Pencil Illustration

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Illustrated in the style of a vintage Edwardian or Victorian photograph. This image is part of my 'Anicurio' collection. Each original illustration is carefully hand drawn in pencil. Once finished, I hand age and treat them with various dye methods, to resemble an old dusty antique photograph. I want this series to suggest something that was rediscovered by you. An inherited artifact from a mysterious benefactor? Or perhaps revealed in a long abandoned attic, lying at the bottom of a chest. Buried beneath old dusty clothes and fading hand written notes.

Some digital prints may have a slight enhancement from the original illustration, to increase tone and color balance.

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Character biography:
Jefferson Bryce- Johnson.
Born in 1847, in Shawmut. A small rural town, near Boston, Massachusetts. USA. Along with his 3 sisters. Jefferson spent his childhood under the strict home schooling of his father, Reverend Johnson. His mother having passed away when he was only 5. At the age of 16, Jefferson, along with his sisters, inherited a modest amount of money from an aunt, who, seeing the children’s limited opportunities under the tyrannical reign of the Reverend, took pity on Jefferson and his sisters. The money was just enough for them all to steel away one night. Under the cover of the new moon, they hoped onto a train.  Not knowing where it would take them.

It did in fact take them 450 miles to Washington DC. Hungry and naive of the ways of a big city, they spent the first few days and nights, wandering around, huddled close together. But providence was with them once more. They found a kindly landlord. A fellow water buffalo, who offered them a home and security, in exchange for a modest rent.

There they lived for the next 3 years. The sisters attending a local school by day, and making ends meet, by taking in washing during the evenings and weekend. Jefferson, was able to advance rapidly through school too. His enquiring mind and amiable character, made him liked by all who knew him. He was eventually, at the age of 19, offered an apprenticeship at a city law firm.

Embracing the opportunity, Jefferson worked solidly through the ranks, to become a junior partner at the age of 28. By the age of 37 he advanced to senior partner. Ultimately, Jefferson was offered the roll of legal council to the mayor of Washington. This he embraced with the same gusto as his other career opportunities.

He retired at the age of 67. Spending his remaining years with his family. Julia, his wife, and Derick, John and Timothy, his children.