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Clocked© - Oil Painting

Clocked© - Oil Painting

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Oil painting on canvas (original) and prints available -

Ever been out somewhere and felt really good? That you looked top of your game? and then you turn around and see someone staring at you menacingly?
It jolts you right out of your comfort zone. In that one instant your whole mood changes from confidence to unease.
Or that a secret that you buried, has been discovered. And is now viewed by cold, uncaring eyes.
I wanted the warm, inviting colors in the door way slowly draining into a cold and dark pallet as you are dragged from your safe place.

That's when you have been 'Clocked'.

Available as:

Original: 24" X 36" Oil on canvas. No frame - $650.00

Fine Art Paper Print (Signed): 7" x 11" - $30.00

Fine Art Paper Print (Signed): 10" x 15"  - $49.00

Canvas print (signed): 11" x 14" - $59.00

Canvas print (signed): 24" x 36" - $175.00

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