Horse Heads - Oil Painting
Horse Heads - Oil Painting

Horse Heads - Oil Painting

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In England, when I was younger, in order to drink, you never drove your car to the pub. This was so you could drink and not risk being pulled over by the police. Last orders were 11.00 pm. But the last bus home was 10:30 pm. So logistically, this meant that at the end of the evening you would always be faced with the same choice.

Do I run and catch the last bus home? or do I stay for 30 minutes more drinking time and have to walk the 3 miles back?
Which did I choose? well, I always ended up getting plenty of fresh air and exercise put it that way.

But when you were walking home, you inevitably came across other gangs of lads who had also emptied out of their local pubs.
And like a scene from high noon you would begin the 'stare off' or if you were smart, just avoid eye contact and hope for the best.
But in this painting as you are passing, the first one catches your eye.

So why horses heads? Well, this painting, like many others, was an image that appeared vividly as I was falling asleep. Completely out of nowhere actually. But I immediately knew what it was about. The red colors were a strong component of the image. I tried to deviate as little as possible from that image. And surprisingly, this is pretty close to what I saw in my half awake state.

Available as:

Original: 24" X 36" Oil on canvas. No frame

Canvas print : 24" X 36" 3/4" black gallery wrap

Paper print: 10.5" x 14" Gloss photo print. 

Framed print. 16" x 20" Matt black wooden frame. Matt white border. Image size: 10.5" x 14"

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