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Horse Heads© - Oil Painting

Horse Heads© - Oil Painting

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This image is one of those rare dreams I occasionally get where I see a painting, fully formed in my mind. I am able to stay with the image and study it. Hold it in my head until I wake. 

This was such a striking moment when I saw this. These three horse/men. Walking through a deserted, half lit street. The street and the pub from my youth. 

I talk in detail about this painting on my youtube channel here: Horse Heads

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Original: 24" X 36" Oil on canvas. Unframed - $650.00

Fine art paper print (Signed):  8" x 11". - $30.00

Fine art paper print (Signed):  11" x 14". - $39.00

Fine art paper print (Signed):  13.5" x 18". - $49.00

Canvas print signed): 18" X 24" (Signed - $99.00

Canvas print signed): 24" X 36" (Signed - $175.00

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