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Limited Edition: 'Mice on a Bike' Anicurio #25
Limited Edition: 'Mice on a Bike' Anicurio #25

Limited Edition: 'Mice on a Bike' Anicurio #25

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Image: 16" x 12". 
Framed size: 24" x 19.5"
Edition: x 50 prints.

From a pencil drawing original

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I want to  give my limited editions a special connection to my collectors.

So with that in mind, each piece comes with a black envelope attached to the back. Inside the envelope is a Certificate of authenticity. But also, a mysterious, wax sealed,  faded envelope.  
This envelope contains a hand aged letter, revealing the story behind the piece. It shares their names, the date, the family lineage, and their recollections of the time. All in a short story composed by me. 

Only the recipients of the original piece, and the limited edition pieces will receive this. There will never be any publication of the story by the myself. Neither in print nor otherwise. In order to maintain the mystery, I request that the recipients do not reveal the story inside.

In addition, No prints of this piece shall be signed by me, other than those offered in the limited edition.