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Prequel© - Oil Painting

Prequel© - Oil Painting

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The first time I ever painted these two people, they were hanging out together, chatting in the same coffee house pictured in this painting. This time I wanted to take a step back five minutes, to the moment just before they met.

He's sitting, unaware, and rather absorbed in his own world.

She's wondering how to gain his attention without overplaying her interest.

I followed their relationship over a sequenced short series of works. It showed the beginning, middle, and eventual breakup and regret. I did this over the course of a 12 year period.

The other paintings in this series are:
When Worlds Collide, part 2
Again, never again
All MyYesterdays


If you want to see what happens 5 minutes latert Click HERE

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Original: 24" X 30" Oil on canvas. Has a black frame (see photo). The frame is in good condition but slightly scuffed. Painting can be easily removed from frame if you like. let me know if you wish me to do that before shipping it.
- $975.00

Fine art paper print (Signed):  8.5" x 11" - $30.00

Fine art paper print (Signed):  12" x 15"  - $49.00

Canvas print signed): 18" X 24" - $99.00

Canvas print signed): 24" X 30" - $175.00

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