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Queue© - Acrylic Painting

Queue© - Acrylic Painting

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This is how it all started for me. This is the first painting I ever did in this style. It came really natural to me, so I just stuck with it. It's about British people actually. Hey, I am one so I feel qualified to paint this. I don't know why, but when Brit's are forced to occupy the same space for any length of time they seem to have a constant awkwardness in each others presence and yet never acknowledge each other. No smiles. No "Good morning". It's not out of snobbery or anything like that. I think it's just the social code of conduct they are following. They would probably welcome a good chat, it's just .. well, who's going to be the first to talk?

These are prints from an original acrylic painting (sold)

This scene could be at a bus stop, an elevator, a check-out line, anywhere really. It is from this one painting that all the others branched out.

All these characters turn up in most of my other paintings.

Two of the main characters in this piece are also shown in a later painting I did -The Telly. They are 20 years older. This painting also features hanging on the wall in the background of that painting

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